FAQ's/How It Works
Tell us About Your Business

Once you choose the package you would like, fill in all the information you want us to know so we can craft the most informative story about your business.  If there is additional information needed our team will reach out to learn more about your business to create the perfect story.

Our Professional Writers Craft Your News Article

Our team of professional US based writers will craft a detailed and exciting news article about why everyone should know about you. We will then send the article to you for any revisions or changes you might need.  Once completed we will put the finishing touches on it, format it, and get it ready to go live to the world.

Your Article is Placed on a Nationwide News Site & PR NewsStand

We place your article on one of our on a high google-ranking partner news site, giving your business instant credibility with your customers across the web.  The story will be seen by across the web and will link directly to your site, boosting your online and SEO value.

Your Story is Promoted Each Month Across the Web

We continue to promote your story every month, with thousands of Guaranteed impressions each month – connecting you with the customers that matter to grow your business. Your Story will be sent to and can appear on major search engines like Google, Bing and other news sites.

Who Writes My Story?

Your Story is written by our team of professional writers who have years of experience as professional online writers.  Our writers have written stories for major brands such as Audi, Sony, Intel and many others and your story won’t be any different.

Will I get to review my story before it goes live?

Of course!  You will have a support team that will make sure that you are happy with the story and get to review it before it goes live.  You will also be able to make edits each month as your business grows and evolves.

What news site will my story be posted to?

Your story will be placed on a top consumer focused news site that is highly regarded by search engines. This will give legitimacy to your business as well as provide valuable SEO for your site.

How many online impressions will my story receive each month?

It depends on the package you choose, but your story will receive a minimum of 50,000 online impressions and upwards of a quarter million per month.

What is an online impression?

An online impression is getting your story in front of the people that matter. Each time your story headline is visible to a customer you will receive an impression. The more impressions you receive, the more customers your reach, and the more you can grow your business!

Where will my story be promoted each month?

We have built an online network of strategic media placement sites that will get your story promoted in front of the right audience. Through hundreds of different networks we can target and reach customers that will help grow your business.  All with guaranteed reach each and every month.

Will I provide my own video and image?

Yes – you will provide the image and video for your article.  This is due to copyright restrictions.  The video is only included in the top package but it will be embedded in the article if that package is chosen and a video is provided.

Can I pause or cancel anytime?

Yup!  Cancel anytime after the first month.  There are no long-term committments or contracts – we hate those!  Just email or call us and we will cancel or pause your plan.  If the month has already started this will go into effect the following month.

How is this different than most Press Release Sites?

Unlike other press release sites out there, PR News Stand places your story not on a generic press release site, but a Nationwide News Site with tens to hundreds of thousands of guaranteed online impressions each month.

We’re not a one and done site like other generic sites – with PRNewsStand your story is promoted across the web and on major search engines like Google and Bing each and every month.

Waze Sample Article - PRNewsStand

We’re looking forward to working with you and helping you grow your business online!

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