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Innovative Self-Help System Triple H Coaching Introduces New App

We recently introduced you to Dr. Leo Lafferty-Whyte’s innovative Triple H Coaching. Now Triple H Coaching has taken it to the next level with their handy new app. The system, which concentrates on health, happiness and harmony (hence the title), has helped numerous people over the years with issues ranging from family situations to weight…


Innovative Headphones that Play your Music Through Your Bones

There are a number of innovative headphones out there from wireless Bluetooth to noise-cancelling but they are all still just earphones. What if we could hear music, not through the ears but as vibrations through our bones? Sounds crazy, right? Well headphone company KOAR has etched out a corner of the “bone conduction headphone” market.…


Want to find the Perfect Roommate? Check out the Roomi App

  If you’ve ever lived with a roommate, then you know how hard it is to find someone you’re truly compatible with. Maybe you found them on Craigslist or knew them through a mutual friend – let’s face it, sometimes roommate situations just don’t work out so well because you don’t really know someone until…


Instagram will Now Have Self-Destructing Stories

Instagram has just released a new feature that allows you to post a self-destructing story. And no, I don’t mean a story about how you keep letting Carlos get too close knowing it’ll only end in heart-break. Carlos is a player, Kelly, get over it! No, I’m talking about a photo or video story that…


How to Pamper Your Pet with “Lavish Pets”

Pampering your pet is becoming more and more popular with pet salons springing up all over the place. This might seem strange to some but as a dog owner I understand this completely.  Whether you own a cat or a dog, you consider them a part of your family. You want to make sure they’re…

Lavish Pets